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Sunday, May 16, 2021

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Zen Hong Oh (Photo: Ecochlor)

Ecochlor Expands in Southeast Asia

system (BWMS) project management which is central to the support of our teams and customers in Southeast Asia.”Oh added, “My background in both shipyard retrofits and in project management of BWMS installations will be of great assistance to both our service engineers and in providing a real-time response to our clients.”Oh has a Masters in Offshore Technology with Subsea Engineering and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore

Jennifer Norwood, Assistant Professor of Marine Transportation (Photo: Maine Maritime Academy)

Maine Maritime Academy Partners with SailPlan

to accelerate the development of an intelligent vessel’s navigation platform and shoreside vessel control.The academy said it equip its fleet, including the autonomous 41-foot workboat R/V Quickwater, with the Reston, Va. based startup’s intelligent navigation platform. SailPlan will provide real-time fleet location and health monitoring to MMA’s Shore Control Center resulting in unparalleled vessel telemetry being made available shoreside. SailPlan’s cloud-based route exchange capability will allow autonomous vessels to proactively mitigate collision risks while optimizing routing

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Training Tips for Ships - Tip #20: Training in the Age of Data

so many domains. It is used to make firefighting safer and more effective. It is used to identify fraudulent financial transactions. And big data is being used in many ways and to remarkable effect to save us from this pandemic. Similarly, the opportunity for big data in training is enormous.Big data is really about two things. First, it is about the data itself and the granularity, volume and veracity of this data. And second, it is about mining our data ro reveal patterns that are not otherwise visible. We can then use knowledge of those patterns to make better, more deeply informed decisions.What data

Rebecca Chhim (Photo: NAVSEA)

NUWC Division Newport Names Chhim Director of Cybersecurity for Undersea Warfare

life cycle, and successfully demonstrated cybersecurity-compliant autonomous architectures for at-sea demonstrations.While participating in department rotations, specifically with the Tactical Cybersecurity Team leading cybersecurity evolutions with the fleet, Chhim was able to see her work being used in real-time situations, which helped her commit to tactical systems“I observed what cyber was doing to the crew, and wanted to be part of the change and be their voice at the acquisition table,” Chhim said. “I wanted to provide the fleet with seamless and transparent cybersecurity solutions

Hannah Rodger (Photo: ETPM)

Rodger Joins ETPM

six years she specialized in survey, ROV and inspection recruitment at Oceanscan. She has also worked closely with dive and lay clients.In recent months, ETPM also announced a new joint venture with start-up technology company Nudge Exchange which will provide ETPM’s clients and contractors with real-time information on contract requirements around the world.It has also launched TrueDental Recruitment, a dental recruitment agency based in Aberdeen, which specializes in the provision of dental candidates for practices across North-east Scotland

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ShipMoney Digital Payment Solutions for Cash-to-Master Virtual Payments for Seafarers

the struggles seafarers are facing and are doing everything possible to help them and their families during this crisis," said Stuart Ostrow, President of ShipMoney. "Our Virtual Card solution and Transfer Marketplace provide efficient and cost-effective ways for companies to pay their crew in real-time, enabling them to disburse wages at more frequent intervals. Money is rapidly placed in the hands of crew and their families at a time when they urgently need it.”ShipMoney Virtual Cards provide the same feature functionality as a physical Visa card, allowing seafarers to send money, initiate

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Training Tips for Ships #12: Training in COVID-19 Times - A “How to Guide”

; even venturing into many areas we would normally think of as skills.The Required Tools: At this moment, the goal is to deploy effective training quickly. The tools we require are a learning management system (LMS) to deliver on-line training and assessment, and a conferencing tool to allow for real-time interactions.If you have an LMS already available, great. If not, you will have to select one. While in normal times there would be many criteria to consider in this choice, I’ll identify only two core requirements here that must be considered. First, ensure that your LMS allows you to

At the 2019 CEDA Dredging Days, IADC’s Secretary General René Kolman (right) bestows the 2nd Young Author Award 2019 to Ms Liesbeth De Keukelaere (left) for her contribution to the paper “Mapping water quality with drones – test case in Texel”. Photo: IADC

De Keukelaere Wins IADC "Young Author Award"

existing dike. This dune takes over the coastal protection function of the existing dike and combines it with nature development, public services and recreational appeal. For the demo an octocopter drone platform was used with a multispectral camera underneath. During drone flights, a base station shows real-time information on the location of the drone, a projected true color image captured by the camera and the position of neighboring boats through Automatic Identification System (AIS). Thanks to this information it is easy to adapt flight missions according to the situation. The drone data were processed

Study Highlights Benefits of Crew Management

a crewing strategy, consistent data and metrics are essential as without these it is difficult to accurately measure cost savings.”Hanseaticsoft has developed a cloud-based solution for shipping companies, Cloud Fleet Manager which allows information to be centralized, processed and accessed in real time using apps and mobile devices. This includes the Cloud Crewing module, an all-in-one solution for professional crew management.Cloud Crewing includes the master data management of seafarers, planning crews on board as well as their relief, processing of activity-based payroll, management of the

CODA Elects Plumb to Board of Directors

Coda Octopus Group, Inc. (CODA) (Nasdaq: CODA), a leader in real-time 3D sonar technology and real-time subsea intelligence, announced the election of J. Charles Plumb, Captain, USNR (Ret.) to its Board of Directors. Captain Plumb was elected at the company’s annual meeting of stockholders.Captain J. Charles Plumb is a retired U.S. Navy fighter pilot and former Vietnam Prisoner of War. He retired from the United States Navy after 28 years of service, and his military honors include two Purple Hearts, the Legion of Merit, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and the P.O.W. Medal. Since his

Logo: ASL

ASL Hires Taillefer

were spent as an Underwater Warfare Director and Oceanographer for the Pacific Fleet. Taillefer oversaw the implementation and operations of decisional systems, acoustic modeling and operational systems to create operational products to the fleets. He also oversaw the routine creation and production of real-time oceanographic and acoustic products for operational purposes and fleet uses —often in high tempo naval and military operations. Taillefer has extensive operational experience in applying his expertise and knowledge in the oceanographic tactical domain. He spearheaded operational oceanography

Photo: Hanseaticsoft

Hanseaticsoft Unveils New Crewing Module

its updated and enhanced crewing module, Cloud Crewing 2.0 to help shipping companies better manage their crews across multiple ships.The software is available within Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM), the company’s web-based platform, which allows information to be centralized, processed and accessed in real time using apps and mobile devices. The crewing module helps optimize crewing processes, including the interaction, administration and appraisal of seafarers.Hanseaticsoft’s Cloud Crewing 2.0 offers improved performance and responsiveness and it’s now available in any browser and optimized

(Photo: V.Group)

V.Group Sets Out to Transform Crewing

shared services and digitize the shipowner and seafarer experience.For customers, Embark seeks to drive cost efficiencies and vessel performance by introducing enhanced dashboard metrics that continually monitor and analyze ongoing crew management. It also drives more informed decision-making through real-time, accurate reports combined with better planning tools and increased budget transparency, V. Group said.For seafarers, Embark will include streamlined and standardized recruitment software, a new global payroll system, and an app that seafarers can use to search for assignments, sign contracts

Photo: Sailors’ Society

Half a Million Seafarers Benefited from 'Ship Visitor' App

welfare providers who have embraced its potential to improve care provisions.”The 500,000th seafarer visited using the app docked at Invergordon port and was met by Sailors’ Society port chaplain Drew Anderson.The app enables chaplains and ship visitors to report their activities in real time and maintains a history of ship visits and support provided to seafarers. Subject to confidentiality and data protection policies, this information can be used to provide ongoing care and assistance as ship and crew continue its voyage.Stuart added: “From the app we can see the sort of welfare

Photo: Fronius International

Learn to Weld with a Virtual Personal Trainer

, a recent addition, tungsten inert gas welding (TIG). Single-V butt welds, fillet welds, square butt welds, pipe joints and overlay welding can all be practiced in various positions using plastic workpieces attached to the stand-up terminal. A welding torch is used to create a seam that is displayed in real time on the simulator’s touchscreen display and the 3D glasses worn by the user.“Ghost”, the virtual trainer, is a huge asset when learning how to handle the torch. It shows the path the torch should take and indicates the correct speed, angle and distance between torch and workpiece

Florian Dussler  (Photo: Xeneta)

Dussler tapped to Lead Xeneta's U.S. Ops

market intelligence platform. The news comes as Xeneta announces it has now built its database to over 55 million contracted rates, while also welcoming some major names to its community of global shippers. Xeneta, which crowd-sources data from more than 700 leading international businesses to provide real-time rates transparency, opened its US office in late 2016 to take advantage of the world’s largest container shipping market. Since that point it has grown both its market presence and offering, launching into the air freight segment while expanding its ocean freight data from 60,000 to over

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Assessing Skills in the Maritime Industry

; But what about skills? There has been much less research on how to most effectively teach and assess skills. On the teaching side, the maritime industry has led in many ways, and has also followed the example of other industries by employing comprehensive hands-on training and repeated practice in both real and simulated environments. When this kind of skills training is preceded by on-line learning of the knowledge that underlies those skills, the outcome can be excellent. But how do we know for sure? How can we deeply and comprehensively assess the skills we teach? It is actually quite difficult. In

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