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Monday, September 21, 2020

Shoreman Port Announces Changes in Board

Posted by February 13, 2019

  • Stuart Nicholls (Photo: Shoreham Port)
  • Alan Massey (Photo: Shoreham  Port)
  • Stuart Nicholls (Photo: Shoreham Port) Stuart Nicholls (Photo: Shoreham Port)
  • Alan Massey (Photo: Shoreham  Port) Alan Massey (Photo: Shoreham Port)

Shoreham Port bid farewell to Stuart Nicholls, who has been on the Board for six years. Nicholls joined the Board in January 2013, with more than 25 years of experience in shipping and marine services. In 2016 Stuart chaired a new subcommittee of the Board – the Compliance Committee. His maritime and safety expertise made Nicholls the ideal candidate to lead this Committee and to question and challenge the Port’s safety culture.

Replacing Nicholls, Shoreham Port welcomes Sir Alan Massey to the Board. Massey has extensive maritime experience, having served for 33 years in the Royal Navy before taking over as Chief Executive of the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) in 2010. As a naval officer, he commanded an impressive number of major warships, including the aircraft carriers HMS Illustrious and HMS Ark Royal, later sitting for five consecutive years on the Admiralty and Navy Boards. Sir Alan Massey’s naval career culminated as Second Sea Lord and Commander-in-Chief, Naval Home Command.

In his eight years with the MCA, Massey led a fundamental transformation of HM Coastguard Service, introduced an all-new fleet of UK Search and Rescue helicopters under MCA control, and modernized the MCA’s vessel survey, inspection, regulatory and ship registration functions.

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