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Sunday, May 22, 2022

NAVTOR to Integrate Witherbys Pulications into NavStation

April 25, 2022

Photo courtesy NAVTOR

Photo courtesy NAVTOR

Witherbys publications will be made available on NAVTOR’s NavStation digital chart table software for the very first time after a new agreement.

NavStation, which is designed to seamlessly gathers voyage data and information on a single platform, will now offer the Witherby Connect portfolio of highly respected publications covering everything from passage planning and operational training, through to fleet security and ballast water management. The extensive digital library can now be instantly accessed through NavStation’s e-Publication Reader module.

NavStation’s e-Publication Reader simplifies the task of managing and accessing maritime publications. With just a few clicks, bridge officers can retrieve, search and highlight a huge range of voyage-relevant publications, all of which are automatically updated for complete compliance through NAVTOR’s cyber-secure gateway NavBox.

In addition to the reader module, NavStation offers a wide range of further simple, efficient, cost effective and smart shipping modules to automate takes, ensure compliance, improve safety, understand and optimise performance, and empower better decision making for individual vessels and entire organisations. It is a central component of NAVTOR’s unique digital e-Navigation and performance eco-system.

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