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Mass. Maritime Academy Offering Offshore Wind Training to Locals

June 15, 2023

© chungking / Adobe Stock

© chungking / Adobe Stock

Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) said it has started offering its Global Wind Organization Basic Technical Training (GWO BTT) course to community members, opening the door to those on Martha’s Vineyard interested in a potential career in the offshore wind industry.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy is one of the first institutions in the Northeast to offer this type of training. The goal is to help broaden the landscape of local job opportunities in the fast-emerging offshore wind power field  and help create a talent pool of technicians with the skill and know-how to perform a variety of wind power and related jobs, the academy said.

The GWO BTT Standard consists of four modules and an additional installation module which can be taken after certification in the mechanical module. The course is designed to provide a basic understanding of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, bolt-tightening and installation principles and systems as they apply to wind turbine operation. Upon completion, participants will possess an awareness of how to identify and mitigate the hazards encountered when working on hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems, and how to control and mitigate these hazards, preparing candidates for working both on- and off-shore in the wind power industry.

The Basic Technical Training modules are targeted at candidates who have no previous experience of hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical systems but may also be used to up skill candidates who have some knowledge but not of their application in wind turbines.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy is delivering this course in partnership with RelyOn Nutec, one of the largest providers of GWO training in the world. The equipment and training necessary to offer this course to local workforce members is provided through a grant from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

"Training provided by the GWO BTT course will go a long way towards creating a talent pool of technicians with the skill and know-how to perform a variety of wind power and related jobs, including the manufacture, operation, and maintenance of wind turbines,” said Captain Michael R. Burns Jr., executive director, Maritime Center for Responsible Energy at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

The Academy is also partnering with Martha’s Vineyard Center for Education and Training (MVCET), which has a goal of connecting Vineyard residents with the education and training objectives needed to competitively enter the burgeoning offshore wind workforce in Massachusetts.  Given that the island is geographically isolated, MVCET is working to provide students with professional development opportunities, enrollment and financial aid support, group learning experiences, and resume and interview preparation skills.

“We are honored to partner with Massachusetts Maritime Academy to make this essential GWO training possible for Vineyard residents,” said Courtney Daly, director of programming for MVCET.  “Our goal is to ensure a 100% local workforce in offshore wind, which will serve as an important piece of economic development for our Island community, while also working towards the Commonwealth’s clean energy objectives.”

“We are delighted to offer this exciting course to members of the community,” said Rear Admiral Francis X. McDonald, USMS, president of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. “As offshore wind power continues to develop as a leader in the renewable energy sector, our GWO BTT course will provide the knowledge and skills required for a career in this emerging industry.”

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