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MarTID 2020: A Call to Action

February 5, 2020

Copyright: AytugAskin/AdobeStock

Copyright: AytugAskin/AdobeStock

The 2020 Maritime Training Insights Database (MarTID) survey has just been launched. The industry needs you to take 20 minutes to complete the survey at before it closes. Your contribution will enable the creation of 2020’s comprehensive, freely distributed, global maritime training practices report that members of our industry rely on more heavily each year.

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The maritime training practices survey and its resulting annual report are non-commercial initiatives launched by the World Maritime University, New Wave Media, and Marine Learning Systems in partnership together. This year, like last, we have created three separate surveys: one to be completed by seafarers, one by vessel operators, and one by maritime training institutions. If you work in the industry, it is almost certainly the case that one of these applies to you. The more responses we have, the more accurate and useful the data in the report. And the early trend is excellent – the 2019 survey received twice the responses of the 2018 survey. Please help us double the responses again for the 2020 survey. So again, please visit the MarTID website to complete the survey. It will not take long.

When visiting on your way to complete the survey, take the opportunity to review some of the revelations contained in the 2019 training practices report. There is some fascinating data there. For example, the report details what are considered to be the top training drivers (mostly safety and regulations, but also others that might surprise you), how training budgets are changing (mostly going up – but with exceptions), and where some of the money is going.

Also, are you aware that training methods are shifting? If not, now would be a very good time to read the data. All forms of eLearning are on the rise as is simulator training. Face-to-face training is on the decline. Are you considering a move to more recurrent training? The report details what other organizations do in this regard. Likewise, see how organizations are assessing their seafarers so you can determine how the assessment methods of your organization compare. Do you use in-person demonstrative evaluations? Exams? Simulator-based assessments? There are important trends to be aware of, understand, and prepare for.

Additionally, the survey contains fascinating information on the major new maritime training initiatives underway and being planned by operators and training institutions across the globe. If you are involved in training, this list may provide some outstanding ideas to consider at your organization.

The 2019 report also focuses on the global discussion of, and progress toward, autonomous vessel operations. It is fascinating to understand where operators are in terms of current level of autonomous operations, where (and how quickly) they expect autonomy to progress, what they foresee as the training challenges created by this movement, and their current level of progress in preparing to meet these challenges.

If the above has convinced you that the annual MarTID report is a valuable resource to you, then please go online to fill out the 2020 survey now. There you will find many of the same core questions about training budgets, methods, and trends. As a seafarer we will ask you about your training experiences. Additionally, this year organizations will see questions that focus on efforts to ensure training quality. How are organizations choosing training centers? How are they vetting course quality? How many have staff dedicated to training quality? The new surveys cover these and many more important questions on ensuring training and assessment quality.

So – once again, please visit to fill out the survey and then watch for the release of the 2020 report. Until then, sail safely!

Check out last year's survey results:

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