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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Bunker Trader Transfers to Dan Bunkering DMCC

Posted by May 8, 2014

Søren Emil Dam

Søren Emil Dam

Dan-Bunkering (Middle East) DMCC announced that as per May 1, 2014, Søren Emil Dam has transferred from A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd.’s head office in Middelfart to Dan-Bunkering (Middle East) DMCC.


Danish born Søren who is a master graduate in communication has been employed as a Bunker Trader at A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd. in Middelfart just over a year and the transfer is part of his career plan within the Company.


With Søren Emil Dam on board the team in Dubai, Dan-Bunkering (Middle East) DMCC has a total of 10 employees servicing this rapidly expanding marketplace.


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