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Monday, July 6, 2020

World Health Organization News

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Austal USA Graduates 28 Apprentices Into Full-time Positions

Trades Assistants, joining the workforce earning over $15 per hour with full Austal employee benefits.Deemed an essential business supporting national security by the Department of Homeland Security, Austal is continuing to build ships for the U.S. Navy and has implemented CDC, OSHA, and World Health Organization guidelines and safety measures across its business to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Rev. David M. Rider, President & Executive Director, Seaman’s Church Institute. (Photo: SCI)

New Mental Wellbeing Guide for Seafarers

seafarers at work 24/7/365 to support our modern way of life.”Extreme stress can make seafarers vulnerable to mental health issues. No research has shown that seafarers suffer different rates of mental health problems than the general population or other working occupations. However, the World Health Organization has estimated that at any given time, approximately 20% of the adult population have a mental health problem, and that these mental health issues have attendant costs, for example, $192 billion in lost earnings per year in the United States alone.Joseph E.M. Hughes, Chairman and CEO, Shipowners

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Crew Health: Addressing Seafarer Obesity

within these illness groups that the UK P&I Club has seen the largest growth in crew medical failures.   Ship owners, and employers themselves, can also assist the crew to prevent obesity on-board by ensuring seafarers are provided with a healthy diet such as that recommended by The World Health organization:  Fruit – Eating a recommended 5-10 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Fat – A reduction in fat intake is encouraged. This can be achieved by changing cooking methods, i.e. swap frying for baking or steaming. Salt – A lowering of salt levels

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Protecting Shippers from Ebola Outbreak

IMO Response to Ebola Outbreak The IMO have reacted quickly in response to the international emergency recently declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) over the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. In September the IMO issued an international circular ‘3484’ calling for a united response from the shipping industry to contain the virus. Specifically it calls for ship operators to define 'measures to reduce the risk of exposure' if they are likely to have ships trading to and from ports in Ebola-affected States. Ebola is a sickening disease with fatality rates of ~70% expected and 1.

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