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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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Source: MarTID 2018

Transformation in Maritime Industry Training

in opposition to face-to-face classes where the timing of the lecture and the experience the trainees have is uniform. This model does not account for individual differences in the trainees and therefore it is more likely that the outcomes will be poorer and vary more widely. Thus, the move toward online learning for knowledge acquisition portends a future of better trained seafarers.Addressing Training ChallengesIn addition to a future with potentially better training outcomes, a move to technology-enabled training will also, in part, address the top three training challenges listed by MarTID survey

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Assessing Skills in the Maritime Industry

to best impart and assess knowledge. As a computer science faculty member for 10 years at a large research university, this, in fact was my research area. The latest research on this has unequivocally shown that knowledge is best taught using the technique of blended learning; that which combines online learning and face-to-face training. Blended learning provides significantly better training and assessment outcomes than traditional face to face training, if done properly. As a result, the implementation of blended learning programs by vessel operators is accelerating.   But what about skills

New Online Learning Program for Subsea Engineers

Subsea UK has launched its new online learning program to support the development of new engineers and technicians entering the subsea sector and to develop graduates to become the next generation of engineers to help the UK’s $14 billion subsea sector achieve its global potential. The Introduction to Subsea Engineering course can be completed in around 60 hours, spread over eight weeks. Students will study a series of modules to become fully inducted into a sector which has revolutionized the way in which hydrocarbons are extracted since its early days in the late seventies. Initially

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SUNY Maritime College Names ABS Chairs

has become a key factor in differentiating product and service offerings and gaining accessibility to global customers for competitive advantage,” he added.    The search committee included: Ms. Aimee Bernstein, Vice President for University Relations; Mr. James Drogan, Director of Online Learning and Chair of the Department of Global Business and Transportation; Dr. Joseph Hoffman, Dean of Graduate Programs and Interim Chair of the Department of Engineering; Dr. Timothy Lynch, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Capt. Walter Nadolny, Presiding Officer of the Faculty and

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Bouchard Transportation’s history dates back 100 years ago to its incorporation in 1918 by founder,

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