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Monday, January 20, 2020

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Connectivity is Fundamental to Seafarer Happiness

survey conducted by the Mission between January and March this year, in which seafarers were asked to rate their happiness out of ten on a variety of measures.A key finding of the report was the issue of contact with family and loved ones, with seafarers showing an overwhelming need for better internet access that allows them to keep in touch with those back home. The report showed a stark divide between seafarers working on ships where internet access was available, who registered much higher happiness levels, and those working on ships with limited or no access, who identified as significantly

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For Seafarers, Net Access is a Must -Report

; says Mr. Adamson. “The Crew Connectivity survey is a clear demonstration of that process in action.”   The report’s findings show a change in mindset among seafarers regarding many aspects of connectivity. Among the key findings: 92 percent of seafarers reported that Internet access strongly influences their decision on where to work, up from 78 percent in prior years.   95 percent of seafarers view connectivity as having a positive effect on onboard safety, an increase of 72 percent since the 2015 survey.   69 percent of respondents

The Mission to Seafarers

Seafarer Happiness a Key Measure for Progress and Growth

measures. Total happiness among seafarers declined from 6.41 in 2016 to 6.25 in 2017. Workload and onshore facilities presented the largest setbacks, while on-board interactions and friendships were seen as the best part of the job. The most divided issue was connectivity with family and home. Where internet access was available to seafarers, happiness was marked very highly, but without it, connectivity was a significant source of discontent.   Steven Jones, founder of the Seafarers Happiness Index commented: “We often see discussions around the recruitment, retention, training and provision

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Mental Health at Sea: A Storm is Brewing

and often with limited access to the internet to use communication platforms such as Skype or WhatsApp to keep in contact with loved ones: times can be very tough on a vessel and feelings of loneliness and isolation can soon start to creep in. In this day and age, it’s hard to believe that internet access is not readily available across the globe, but Seafarers’ Trust recently reported that as many as 77 percent of seafarers have their internet access strictly limited, or have no access to internet whilst offshore at all. Could lack of communication with the ‘outside world&rsquo

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How Can the Marine Industry Counteract Its Aging Workforce?

are now more widely available in other industries. And the extended periods of time away from home, not to mention seven day working weeks when most of the U.K.’s workforce now works within the service economy, can seem fairly daunting to would-be seafarers. Intermittent internet access on board vessels is unappealing to younger people for obvious reasons – this is something the maritime industry is very aware of, with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) symposium on World Maritime Day 2015 addressing the issue as essential top both recruitment and retention

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