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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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Transformation in Maritime Industry Training

the status quo. This, in itself, is an important message to take away – that despite our reputation, the industry is indeed accepting of new ideas when they are well supported by evidence.The most obvious evidence of the trend toward the adoption of learning technologies such as simulation and eLearning is the degree to which these technologies have already been adopted. Given how recently they have become available, it is remarkable to note that they have already been adopted by roughly 90% of respondents. Compare this to the situation of the early 1990s when simulation and eLearning barely existed

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Virtual Reality Training for Maritime

engineering tasks, and industry best-practice exercises.KVH is a mobile tech innovator that provides connectivity solutions for commercial maritime, leisure marine, and land mobile applications on vessels and vehicles. Its Videotel business is a provider of training films, computer-based training, and eLearning for the maritime industry.The letter of intent announced is subject to the parties reaching a definitive agreement

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Assessing Skills in the Maritime Industry

based on the insights and expertise of those at the cruise line and their partners, the skills assessor will be available to the industry at large in the hope that the safety of all can benefit.     The Author Murray Goldberg is CEO of Marine Learning Systems ( An eLearning researcher and developer, his software has been used by 14 million people worldwide.     (As published in the January 2018 edition of Marine News

Distance Learning: Continuous Improvement Part 2

issue of Maritime Reporter and Engineering News, the final article in this series will discuss examples of LMS-enables KPIs and leading indicators which can provide incredible insight into training effectiveness. The Author Murray Goldberg is CEO of Marine Learning Systems ( An eLearning researcher and developer, his software has been used by 14 million people worldwide. (As published in the February 2016 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News -  

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Maritime Training & Continuous Improvement

to specific CI techniques which can be applied to maritime training. To do so, we will look at KPIs that are useful in this environment, and how to gather those KPIs. Until then, happy New Year and keep safe! The Author Murray Goldberg is CEO of Marine Learning Systems ( An eLearning researcher and developer, his software has been used by 14 million people worldwide. (As published in the January 2016 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News -

eLearning for the Maritime Industry

A growing number of organizations are turning to eLearning courses to ensure employees are properly trained to perform duties safely and efficiently. Marine Testing Solutions (MTS) said its eLearning initiative is helping more key staff members become empowered to make the maritime industry safer and more efficient. In previous years, many owners and operators within the industry were reluctant to introduce formalized training schemes, MTS said, explaining that employees were often given only the most basic information in order to fulfill their role. Now, increasingly strict regulations are entering

Oilennium Gears Up for Demand

Oilennium Ltd, a Petrofac Training Services (PTS) company that provides eLearning training services to the oil and gas industry, is expanding its UK and USA offices as demand for its services continues to fuel dramatic growth in the UK and USA.   Oilennium has bolstered its employee ranks by 30%, bringing the total number of employees in the UK and USA to 44, over the last five months.  To accommodate its growing numbers, Oilennium also doubled the size of its global headquarters in Norfolk, England, and its US office has recently moved along with PTS into new, larger premises in Houston.

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Seagull AS, Marine Learning Systems Partner

Seagull AS and Marine Learning Systems are partnering to provide the full library of Seagull learning content on the MarineLMS training platform.   The partnership will provide an integrated solution to the cruise and ferry industries enabling rapid deployment of eLearning programs with course content on land and on-board, with or without connectivity. The system will also provide metrics and analytics which identify training issues before they become performance or safety problems. According to Seagull Managing Director Roger Ringstad, “For customers using LMS from MarineLMS this

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