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New Crane for OCHA Training Center

Posted by March 29, 2018

Photo: Liebherr

Photo: Liebherr

The Belgium port worker training center OCHA recently received a new Liebherr mobile harbor crane type LHM 120. The machine will be used for practice-based trainings of crane operators.

Located in the heart of the Port of Antwerp OCHA offers various trainings for port workers. OCHA specializes in practical crane training. Crane operators can train their driving skills in a realistic environment and get down to business with state-of-the-art material. OCHA belongs to CEPA, a cooperative organization of private port operators.

The first crane Liebherr provided to OCHA was a fixed cargo crane FCC 230, which was delivered in 2007. OCHA was continuously looking for efficient ways of up skilling their training participants at the highest safety level while costs including time are kept to a minimum. Therefore, they opted for a Liebherr LiSIM simulator in 2015. A major benefit of simulator training is the ability to simulate harsh environmental conditions when required. This allows trainees to gain valuable experience operating under challenging conditions in a safe environment.

Liebherr has a long relationship with OCHA. In January 2018, Liebherr delivered a new Liebherr mobile harbour crane type LHM120 to the OCHA training center.  The LHM 120 has a maximum lifting capacity of up to 42 tonnes and a maximum outreach of 30 meters. The machine is the smallest machine out of the Liebherr mobile harbor crane product range but it will help OCHA training participants to acquire professional knowledge about the safe handling of a Liebherr mobile harbor crane. The operators learn how to handle loads and material correctly in order to prevent damages.

Manager of the training center, Ms Ann Baats comments: “Liebherr is an important provider of maritime cranes in the port of Antwerp and its importance is growing. As a result, the demand for high quality Liebherr crane driver trainings has risen tremendously. The installation of the additional Liebherr crane enables OCHA not only to increase its capacity of mobile crane trainings. The new LHM 120 allows OCHA to combine the training in a high-tech simulator with intensive training in the crane, upholding the benefits of the safe and simulated environment of OCHA. This way of training enhances the learning curve significantly with high returns on productivity, safety and quality for our clients.”

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