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Monday, September 23, 2019

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Nikos Gazelidis is Global Head of Shipping at ATPI Griffinstone

How to achieve crew travel efficiency in your business

outgoing for most vessels, and without clear oversight costs can easily spiral out of control. The fact that getting employees to the right place at the right time is a mission-critical factor means that, when faced with pressure, those managing travel can be inclined to take expensive decisions.Travel Management Companies (TMCs) that specialise in the marine industry, such as ATPI Griffinstone, can bring a sense of calm to troubled waters. When it comes to managing complex crew travel arrangements, having a TMC in your corner can provide a tailor-made and consultative approach – particularly

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Crew Management: Day to Day Challenges

;re not careful, rearranging travel could potentially waste a lot of time leading to serious budget and planning implications.A successful crew manager is able to juggle a number of influencing factors when deciding the best course of action regarding crew rotations with the support of their travel management company (TMC). Considerations include the cost of flights, availability, frequency of flights, and immigration rules. A cheaper flight does not necessarily mean the shortest transit time. Finding the sweet spot between costs and routing in order to give a fair deal to the seafarer as well as

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Predictive Analytics Drives Better Crew Travel Management

, but managers often do not have the time to delve deeply into the figures. It’s like the iceberg illusion – success does not rest on what you can see clearly on top of the water; instead you have to examine everything that lies beneath to get the full picture.Thankfully, a specialist Travel Management Company (TMC) has the tools and skills to work collaboratively with their shipping clients to help develop a clear spend-saving strategy.Inspecting data is useful in a number of ways. It can, for example, reveal booking patterns that have previously gone unnoticed, allowing you to get better

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